About Me

My name is Mark Lack, and the person you see today,
is not who I’ve always been.

People see the success, but not the thousands of hours behind closed doors reading, and practicing. People see the confidence today but not the depression, rejection and low self-esteem that came first. It’s easy to guess who we think someone is. Here’s who I actually am.

I grew up in a tiny home in Tustin, California with my parents, Craig and Sandy, and older brother Ryan. Ever since I can remember as a little kid I always dreamed big, wanted to make something of my life, and enjoyed making people feel good. However, I was labeled a failure early on in school by my teachers and peers because I wasn’t passionate about what I was being taught in class and so I struggled immensely all throughout school.

I was tall, skinny, pale skinned, freckled and introverted which
made me an easy target to be picked on and bullied.


When we don’t feel accepted or respected in any areas of our life we gravitate towards anything that makes us feel significant or gives us connection. The thing for me that was my “outlet” to escape and feel respected was paintball. From the age of 14 to 18, I shot my way to being one of the best, and highest paid, extreme pro-paintball athletes in the world. Paintball allowed me to travel 250,000 miles internationally competing and racking up a room full of trophies and over $300,000.00 in prize money between my team and I.

The crazy thing was…paintball was the only area in my life I felt significant. It was the only thing in my life that made me feel special. I was a failure all throughout school. Got suspended for fighting and almost expelled twice. I had literally nothing going for me at that time in my life but my professional paintball hobby; which I jokingly thought could be my career until the economy dropped, and with it, the entire paintball industry and its funding. It wasn’t until I was in a majorly depressed state one night that I decided to search the internet for answers on “How to be more confident” and “How to be successful” that I came across my first video of Tony Robbins. The direction and purpose of my life changed that night forever.

One of my favorite quote is

“pain pushes, until the vision pulls.”

That night I was given permission to dream big and create a vision for my life that had no rules. Since then it’s been an incredibly wild journey. I’ve failed way more than I’ve succeeded, and like many people, I attribute that to my success. Almost 10 years of commitment to self-mastery have passed by and I never take one day off without learning and growing in some way. This, I believe, is one of the biggest keys to success. Always learn, always grow, always teach. This philosophy has allowed me to become a best-selling author, self made millionaire in my twenties, international speaker, Entrepreneur’s Top Ranked Personal Branding expert, and partner and host of the largest business show in America, Business Rockstars; Which is broadcasted on television and tens of millions of screens on airline companies like Delta.

It’s hard to think that just from self education and mentors in business that I could go from paintball to entrepreneurship and make millions within less than 5 years. “The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.” This saying symbolizes my journey. Anyone can work hard, but success happens much faster when you work smart and follow in the footsteps of the other people who’ve already made the mistakes for you to learn from.

I’m committed to showing 1 million people, how to build and grow their personal brands in a way that impacts millions of people, so through this impact a ripple effect is created that impacts billions of lives.

I’m doing this through my show, social media, books, speaking, digital programs, masterminds, partnerships, workshops and one on one. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude because of the way my life has unfolded and the life that I continually work on designing. I believe life happens for us, not to us, and we can architect our own life and find gifts hidden within all our adversity if we choose to find them.

Remember that where you are today does not determine your future. You can choose right now to change your life, relationships, health and business if you just decide to commit. You are responsible for your results. No one can, or will do it for you. YOU happened on purpose, because you have a purpose. Now it’s up to you to activate your calling and potential and discover what the universe is guiding you to do. You are your personal brand and you have a story, lessons and gifts to share with the world to create massive impact. This is your uniqueness and competitive edge, use it and you’ll be exponentially rewarded and fulfilled.

To Your Incredible Success,