This April… 5 of The World’s Best Marketers Will Meet Behind
Closed-Doors And Over Two-Intense Days They’ll Finally Reveal…

Next Workshop Dates to be determined until after COVID-19 Quarantine.… 5 of The World’s Best Marketers Will Meet Behind Closed-Doors And Over Two-Intense Days They’ll Finally Reveal…

How You Can Cash In On The “Missing Marketing Link”
My Clients And I Use to Generate 7-8 Figures, Become
The Authority, and Impact Millions of People

YOU’RE INVITED To Join Them And Discover Their Most Effective Lead Generating,
Profit-Producing And Business Building Secrets… So You Can Rapidly Grow Your Income, Influence & Impact…

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Early-Bird Discount Expires In:

I Made $1.2M in the first 27 days…
Patch Baker Image
Mobius Media Solutions

In 27 days after working with Mark and his team, my company did over $1.2M in sales… we’ve since gone on to generate over $20M.



You just spent two full days locked in a room with 5 of the world’s best marketers.

And, behind closed doors, they finally revealed their most powerful and profitable marketing secrets. The same ones they are using right now to put millions of dollars in their pockets.

But, they didn’t just share these secrets with you…

… they also gave you hands-on support and a proven, easy-to-replicate, step-by-step blueprint for almost instantly adding an extra…

$1,000 to $10,000
Per Month To Your Business

Finally, to top it off…

They guaranteed this system would work for you… even if you’re just starting out without a big email list, advertising budget or network.

Sound impossible? It’s not.

Because you’re invited to join a private workshop where this exact “dream” scenario will become your reality.

On workshop dates, you have the unique opportunity to spend two full days with 5 elite entrepreneurs who are joining forces to show YOU…

… how to exponentially grow your income, influence and impact by ethically exploiting the “missing marketing link” that almost all business-owners ignore.

However, I must warn you…

Only 100 Entrepreneurs Will
Gain Entry To This Exclusive
Marketing Mastermind

… and dozens of the spots have already been reserved.


The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop

April 4th & 5th - Newport Beach, California

Next Workshop Dates to be determined until after COVID-19 Quarantine.

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The world’s only in-person event that shows you how to…

sell more of your products and services…
profit more through pre-eminent positioning…
influence more by sharing your message with millions…

And, ultimately, accelerate your business growth through the untapped power of the “missing marketing link.”

But, unlike other events or seminars you may have attended before… The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop is not just about sharing information and ideas.

It’s a fully interactive, immersive experience where you’ll get hands-on guidance, coaching and feedback from myself and expert guest speakers.

This means you’ll walk away from our 2-days together and immediately see real-time results from the strategies. Now, before I tell you more about The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop, I should probably introduce myself…

He Gave Me A Strategy... It Brought Me $104,000.00
Mike Image
Mike Arce
Loud Rumor Founder & CEO

Within the first day of working with Mark, he actually gave me a strategy on how to partner with a really big organization within my industry and it’s brought me $104,000.00″

Mark Lack Image

Mark Lack

Hi, I’m Mark Lack.

For the past 6 years I’ve been showing entrepreneurs from all walks of life how to make more money, create more impact and live the life of their dreams by leveraging the one “missing marketing link” in their business..

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For the first-time ever, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and reveal…

… the “missing marketing link” you can use to double your income, influence and impact right now in 2020.

It’s what all the top thought leaders are using, but don’t talk about…

In just a moment I’m going to share with you how this “missing marketing link” you’re going to now be able to implement…

Took me from struggling just to consistently make $10K per month, never getting invited or paid to speak on stage, no big name celebrity brand or influencers would give me the time of day, meet with me and definitely not partner with me…

And I always was worried about where my next client would come from… hoping and praying I could cover my monthly bills.

Now after implementing this “missing marketing link” in my own business… within 18 months… that’s less than 2 years…

I am now consistently earning…

6 Figures

6-Figures Per Week (every week)

Section 4 - 6 Figures Image

Here’s a screenshot…

Which is awesome to be able to share because I can remember when I was excited to make 100K per year…

Now that is more of a daily/weekly goal at our company, and it will eventually be the same for YOU…

Once you learn and apply this!

You need to be aware that… with hundreds… even thousands… of businesses screaming for your prospects attention, you cannot rely on the same worn-out strategies that used to work.

And here’s the harsh truth, if you don’t adjust to the shifting landscape it will be…

The Death of Your Business

Now, it might be a slow death… might not even realize it’s happening.

But, I assure you… you’ll see the symptoms silently slinking in and poisoning your growth. Who knows, you may already be seeing some of them. Tell me, does any of this sound familiar?

Less engagement on your content… lower conversions on your landing pages, tripwires and sales pages… lower email open rates… higher advertising costs…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The list goes on.

Which is why smart business owners are focusing heavily on what I call… “the missing marketing link…”

… because they understand it gives them an unfair advantage and allows them to stand out from the sea of competitors in their market. You see, this strategy is based on one fundamental truth…

Your Prospects Demand A Reason
Why They Should Choose You


If your prospect does not have a compelling reason to choose YOU and YOUR business… they will never buy from you. Instead, they’ll just stick to a business they already know, like and trust… or… they’ll “shop around” for the lowest price.

And, if you’re like the thousands of entrepreneurs I see and…

One Hidden

Your Business - Big Or Small - Is Missing
This One Hidden Marketing “Link”…

… and it’s strangling your growth potential.

You see, without this “link” connecting your marketing and messaging to your audience, your prospects will have no reason to follow you, listen to you, like you and trust you…

In other words, they have no reason to choose you or your business.

To Fix This And Accelerate Your
Income, Influence & Impact You
Must DevelopYour Personal Brand

That’s right.

The missing link in your marketing and business is your lack of a coherent personal brand that attracts your audience, establishes trust and systematically turns fans into loyal followers and followers into raving customers.

You see, it is your personal brand that differentiates you from the competition. And here’s the critical factor most entrepreneurs forget…

You Already Have A Personal
Brand And Right Now It’s Either
Helping You or Hurting You

It doesn’t matter if you never tried to build a personal brand.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want one.

The fact remains – as an entrepreneur – you have a personal brand. You see, it’s not about being an author, podcaster, influencer, speaker or anything like that. It’s much simpler. You see…

Your personal brand is simply how the world perceives you. And right now you’re either attracting or repelling your audience.

Every piece of content you release, every message you send, every word spoken is having a direct impact on your relationship with your audience and customers.

Which is why it’s absolutely critical to develop and control your personal brand… because… if you don’t have a coherent message your audience will never truly connect with you.

It’s not all bad news though, because developing your personal brand is hands-down the fastest way to grow your business… and… it’s easy to do – if you know how.

So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to scale up fast… a well-executed personal branding strategy is what allows you to dominate the competition, attract floods of new customers, become an influencer in your space and add tens of thousands to millions of dollars to your bottom-line.

Now, I Want To Show You How To
Leverage Personal Branding So You Can…

And there’s much, much more that comes from effective personal branding.

Which is why I’m inviting you to join me and 5 experts at The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop.

You’ll get my proven Personal Branding Blueprint and you’ll discover how to implement the blueprint in your business to quickly add an extra $1,000 – $10,000 per month of revenue, guaranteed.

Accelerate Your Business

Here’s How The Escape Velocity VIP
Will Accelerate Your Business
Growth Faster Than You Can Imagine…

On workshop dates you’ll join myself and an elite group of business growth experts at a hotel in Orange County, California.

Over these two days you’ll get our most cutting-edge strategies and step-by-step guidance on how to develop, launch, monetize and scale your personal brand.

Then, we’ll show you how to take your new personal brand and integrate it with proven systems and marketing funnels so you can instantly unlock floods of new traffic, leads and customers.

But, unlike other seminars, this isn’t just hours of speeches…

Along with the “teaching”, we’ll also be getting our hands dirty in your business.

We’ll be answering your questions… helping you craft the perfect, profit-producing personal brand… brainstorming new marketing campaigns… and… drawing from our combined decades of experience and hundreds of millions of dollars generated to create bigger-than-ever breakthroughs in YOUR business.

In other words…

You Get Hours of FREE Consulting From
Experts Who Usually Charge $10,000+

I know that sounds crazy…

… but pack a bunch of passionate entrepreneurs in a room together and it’s impossible to stop new ideas, solutions and opportunities from flourishing.

The Experts

Here’s Just A Few Of The Experts
You’ll Be “Rubbing Elbows” With…

Billy Gene
Billy Gene

“Billy Gene Is Marketing”

Billy Gene is one of the world’s leading customer acquisition experts.

At The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop he’ll reveal his step-by-step “G.E.N.I.U.S” System and show you how to profitably acquire customers using paid advertising and media. If you want to consistently and predictably get new leads and customers… without breaking the bank… Billy will reveal his cutting-edge system that’s generating hundreds of thousands of dollars per month… profitably.

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu


Dennis Yu is an internationally recognized Facebook Marketing Expert.

In fact, he is so good his agency consults with Facebook directly on how they can improve their advertising platform. Dennis is joining The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop to reveal the insider truths about Facebook Marketing and show you how to turn every $1 you spend into $3 of pure profit.

Cole Hatter
Cole hatter

“THRIVE Conference”

Cole Hatter is a world-renowned speaker, entrepreneur and investor.

As the man behind the THRIVE Conference, Cole Hatter has had the unique opportunity to learn from some of the best marketers, entrepreneurs and business-minds alive. He’ll be sharing the multi-million dollar secrets of business-building he’s extracted from speakers at THRIVE.

Peter Voogd
Peter j voogd

#1 Bestselling Author,
“6 Months To 6 Figures”

Peter Voogd has been labelled “the world’s leading authority of Millennial Entrepreneurship.”

His #1 bestselling book “6 Months to 6 Figures” has sold more than 250,000 copies. At The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop he’ll show you how to build the business and income of your dreams in the next 6 months… without sacrificing your health, freedom, or relationships.

Preston Smiles
Preston Smiles

Renowned Speaker &
Author of “Love Louder”

“Preston Smiles Is Unstoppable!” – These words from #1 Bestselling Author of “Chicken Soup For The Soul”, Jack Canfield, couldn’t be more accurate…

Preston will show you how to achieve more freedom, fulfilment and joy in your life by eliminating your negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours. If you’ve ever felt like you’re not achieving your full potential then working with Preston at The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop may just change your life.

Amazing Speakers

With More Amazing Speakers
Still To Be Announced…

Plus, alongside the expert speakers, the presentations and the networking, you
also get…

Over 100 pages of action guides, blueprints and templates so you never forget what you learn and so you can easily implement each new strategy you discover without trying to remember all the details.

PLUS we’re going to film the entire workshop and send you the recordings so you can watch it over and over whenever you need to generate new ideas or strategies.

WARNING: Early-Bird Discount Expires In:

What Others Are Saying

What Others Are Saying About Mark Lack
& The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop

“It’s really unique, and I am a life learner but this was something special”

“It’s really unique, and I am a life learner but this was something special”

Mark Lack Image
Laurel Roach
TriFIT Wellness Owner

Maximize your ability to get connected to the right people…

From a billion dollars in ad spend on Facebook to other speakers that talk about conversion funnels to working with influencers to maximize your ability to get connected to the right people you want to get connected to. Its been absolutely massive.

Mark Lack Image
Ray DelMuro
Founder, Refresh Glass

I Made Over $150,000.00 in Profit…

In one 30 day period of time, with Mark’s coaching and help, I made over $150,000.00 in profit which was mind blowing, from something that was relatively easy to put together. I just didn’t know and Mark was the one that was able to show me that.

Mark Lack Image
Balazs w kardos
Global Prosperity Movement Founder

I Feel Ecstatic, Enthusiastic, Excited, at Peace, Understood.

I feel so compelled to get what I need to get done because I feel the clarity now more than I have ever felt in my life…

Mark Lack Image
Legacy perez
Legacy Home Investments Founder

This is the type of event you must be at.

The reason you must be here is because, not only are they giving you the tools but they are going to show you how they put it together. Nobody cares what results they got, people only care what you are going to get and you owe it to yourself.

Mark Lack Image
Elijah Rubin
WIIN Investments Founder

This is workshop style, there’s no fluff here.

This is workshop style, there’s no fluff here. We have a workbook in front of us and specific tactics that we are working through.

Mark Lack Image
Austin Netzley
Founder, Epic Book Launch

I just know exactly where to go now I have a complete blueprint on how to make this happen.”…

"Because he undersells and overdelivers and its value driven and it's impact over income. You are going to learn a blueprint, a step-by-step process on how to build your personal brand” “I just know exactly where to go now, I have a complete blueprint on how to make this happen."

Mark Lack Image
Zachary Babcock
Founder, Win With Zach

It’s amazing that they were willing to spend their time…

It’s amazing that they were willing to spend their time, because of their personal relationships with Mark and spend time with us and share their knowledge.

Mark Lack Image
Kris Ontiveros
CEO - Investors Edge Real Estate Group

All I can say is you are foolish if you don’t come to one of his workshops.

This past weekend has been an absolute game changer for myself and for my business going forward… It makes you realize that you are playing small sometimes, and you have to have these other people, these other authorities kick you in the ass…

Mark Lack Image
Eric & Chris Martinez
Dynamic Duo Training

Here’s Just A Fraction Of The
Breakthrough Strategies You’ll Get
During Our 2 Intense Days Together…

And much, much more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

I Must Warn You…
The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop

Is Limited To 100 Entrepreneurs Only

100 Spots

Why only 100 spots?

Because anything larger than 100 people and it becomes impossible to give you the personalized experience you deserve. So, by keeping it small you get to connect with everyone and you’ll get the personal, hands-on guidance needed to successfully develop, launch and monetize your personal brand.

Now, because we’re keeping this a small, close-knit event, we want to make sure we don’t just let anyone in. You see, just one “bad egg” can ruin the energy and environment for everyone else.

So to even be considered for The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop , you first need to submit a confidential application form. This allows my team and I to “vet” who’s right and who’s not.

Apply Now

Here’s How to Apply For Your Spot
At The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop

So if you’re ready to take your business, brand and income to the next level, follow these simple instructions below to apply for your spot at Escape Velocity VIP Workshop:

It’s as simple as that.

Your application is free, confidential and has no strings attached.

But, don’t waste any time. If you delay submitting your application, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a seat because we’re filling the spots on a first-come, first-serve basis.

So submit your application form now by clicking the button below…

In just 60 days after working with Mark, I made $26,000.00!”
George Wohar
George Wohar IV
The Millennial Mindset Mentor

“Before working with Mark, I was making $500 per month in my coaching business. In just 60 days after working with Mark, I made $26,000.00!

He is forging the way for millions…
Johna Image
John Assaraf
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Mark is not only forging the way for himself, he is forging the way for millions who can follow in his footsteps.

Investment To Attend

What Is The Investment To Attend?

Let me clear the air first…

If you’re expecting the price of this intense, hands-on, two-day workshop to be $500 or $1,000… you’re probably not the type of person who’ll fit in and you probably shouldn’t apply.

Although your investment is going to be a fraction of what it should be, if the idea of spending a few thousand dollars terrifies you, then you’re not ready for this.

However, if you understand the value of this rare opportunity…

… and if you see the huge ROI potential as well as money you’re currently leaving on the table by not implementing these strategies… then you’ll laugh at the investment.

To secure your seat you’ll only need to invest a fraction of what I usually charge for my one-on-one consulting. You’ll get the exact same strategies, systems and content but you won’t even pay close to the $10,000.00 I charge per day.

And when you throw in the experts, the networking and the bonus gifts, you’ll wonder if I’ve lost my mind giving you so much access for so little.

But, here’s how I’m able to slash the price so low…

By working with a group of entrepreneurs (instead of 1-on-1) I can provide the same content, the same strategies and the same value … without charging anywhere close to $10,000.

Sure, you’ll get less 1-on-1 time with me… but… you also get two-full days (instead of one), plus all the experts, the bonus content and all the connections.

All you have to do is apply for your spot before they’re all snatched up. Plus… as an extra “incentive” for you…

I’m giving the first 50 registrants a special bonus gift.

You’ll Get My Most Precious, Fiercely
Protected Resource…

FREE Lifetime Access To The
Personal Branding Accelerator

Appliance Image

In addition to the 2-day intensive workshop, you’ll get lifetime access to my Personal Branding Accelerator Membership Program.

Inside the Personal Branding Accelerator, you get dozens of step-by-step trainings breaking down everything you will ever need on:

How to succeed online using social media, content marketing, preeminent positioning strategies, the most cutting edge advertising strategies, how to optimize your sales conversions, and over 100 ways to make money online using personal branding, and…

In addition every 2 weeks you have live coaching calls with me and guest experts to answer your questions, host special trainings just for you and our community.

Usually, this step-by-step training system costs $1,997.00, but you’ll get it as a
FREE bonus for attending The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside
The Accelerator…

The proven step-by-step blueprint for developing, launching, monetizing and scaling your personal brand… even if you’re starting with no audience, experience or connections.

This is the exact system my clients usually pay me $10,000+ per day to implement in their business.

But now, for the first time, every step of my Personal Branding Blueprint is laid out in an easy-to-follow training system that eliminates any confusion, guesswork or overwhelm as you effortlessly build your personal brand like a pro.

Over 100 lessons all delivered via HD video and broken down into a short, step-by-step process for you to easily follow.

Plus, as you progress through The Personal Branding Accelerator I’ll be your virtual mentor every step of the way.

I’ll be answering your questions LIVE on camera twice every month, giving you the guidance needed to shorten your learning curve and accelerate your results.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s more. Much, much more.

Finally, I’m Going To Make Your
Decision Today Absolutely Risk-Free

Listen: it can be scary to invest in your success. I remember when I invested $25,000.00 for just one day of John Assaraf’s consulting time… I’d be lying if I didn’t say it scared the crap out of me to invest that much in myself.

So to give you total confidence and security I’m going to assume all the risk by protecting your investment with a…

Can’t Lose 100% Risk-Free
Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s how it’s going to work…

Join me on April 4th & 5th at The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop, consume all the content, connect with the expert speakers, network with 99 other entrepreneurs and receive every bit of value you can from our
2-days together…

And when it’s all over…

If you don’t believe it was worth every penny you invested… AND… if you don’t have a clear, step-by-step action plan to generate an extra $1,000 to $10,000 per month in your business…

I will personally write you a check refunding your investment 100%.

This means you know with total certainty that The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop will be everything promised in this letter… or you pay nothing.

Plus… with a money-back guarantee like this, you know that both the speakers and I will be forced to bring our “A-Game” and make this a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for you.

So click the button below now to submit your confidential application form and see if you’re a good fit for The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop…

Let’s Recap Everything You Get
When You Attend The Escape Velocity
VIP Workshop

If you’re 1 of the 100 who’re accepted to join…

Just imagine how all of this will change your business and your life…

…never worrying about where your next client is coming from…

…never needing to “chase” new business again…

… never suffering through the “revenue rollercoaster” that comes when you don’t have a predictable, consistent system to bring you new leads and clients on demand.

You don’t need to imagine.

The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop will reveal how you can ethically exploit “The Missing Marketing Link” to fuel massive growth in your business this year.

All you need to do is submit your confidential application form and we’ll see if you’re a good fit to join this rare marketing workshop.

One Final Question…

Let Me Ask You One Final Question…

Do you believe you’re living up to your full potential?

Or do you believe you could be making more money, influencing more people and impacting more lives?

If so, I urge you to apply for 1 of the 100 spots at The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop… because I’m telling you right now… if you discover the secret of developing and leveraging personal branding…

You can easily add an extra $1,000 to $10,000/month to your business.

Now, obviously I can’t guarantee you’ll see these exact results. Truly, it all comes down to whether you’re willing to implement what you learn.

However, I can tell you it is possible. Because I’ve seen it happen time and time again with my clients. So if you’re finally ready to take your income, influence and impact to the next level…

WARNING: Early-Bird Discount Expires In:

Your Friend,


Mark Lack

However, the spots will be sold out long before that date. I say that because this opportunity is being promoted to over 500,000 people and many of the seats have already been secured by my private coaching clients.

P.P.S. Submitting your application for The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop does not guarantee you’ll get accepted. We’ll only be accepting people who we believe are the right fit and who will benefit most from this workshop.

What Others Are Saying

Here’s What Others Are Saying About Mark Lack
And The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop

Using His Techniques… I closed $1.2M in sales in 27 days.

Play Video

peter gold

Boston – Mobius Media Solutions

One of the better coaching experiences I’ve ever had…

Play Video

laurel roach

Arizona – Loud Rumor, GSD Show, MindBody Podcast

He helped me with a strategy to generate over six figures in revenue…

Play Video

frank estrada

Boston – Mobius Media Solutions

I have locked in $26k worth of sale in my coaching business…

Play Video

eric martinez

New Jersey, Coach

He helped us generate more leads, make more money in 90 days…

Play Video

elijah rubin

Los Angeles – Dynamic Duo Training

He is one of the straight-up the best sales people I’ve met…

Play Video

austin netzley

San Diego, CA

I will be able to triple my revenue by the things I’ve learned…

Play Video

balazs w. kardos

New Jersey, Coach

Amazing experience for me and my businesses…

Play Video

mike acre

Arizona – Power Vision Team

He has given us direct insight…

Play Video

nick coplein

Arizona – WIIN Real Estate Consulting

I will be able to triple my revenue by the things I’ve learned…

Play Video

ray delmuro

New Jersey, Coach

Amazing experience for me and my businesses…

Play Video

kris ontiveros

Arizona – Power Vision Team

He has given us direct insight…

Play Video

jt healy

Arizona – WIIN Real Estate Consulting

I will be able to triple my revenue by the things I’ve learned…

Play Video

legacy perez

New Jersey, Coach

Amazing experience for me and my businesses…

Play Video

zachary babcock

Arizona – Power Vision Team

Step #1: Contact Information

Apply For Your Spot At The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop

Step #1: Enter Your Name, Email & Phone

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